Malaysian Team for the Playoffs

18 January 2017
Malaysian team selected
Malaysian Team for the Playoffs

Amran Selamat

Amran started his career in 1998 at his home club, Royal Pahang Polo Club.  He has played for them in the RMPA International League and for other teams in the National and Merdeka Leagues since its inception in 2005.  Amran is the polo manager of Royal Pahang Polo Club.  Recently put down to 2 goals, but playing off 3 goals in this World Cup Playoff.


HH Prince Ahmad Shazril

From Kuantan, Tengku Shazril started playing in 2001 at the Royal Pahang Polo Club.  Tengku Shazril or Along, as he is known, was a star at the 2007 South East Asian Games in Thailand, winning a gold medal. Along is the top ranked Malaysian players on the PEPPR rankings.  He was MVP at the Merdeka League Final (4 goal) and RMPA Open (12 goal) He is based in Malaysia with Royal Pahang Polo Club.  3 goals.


Saladin Mazlan

From Selangor, Saladin started playing at the young age of 10 in the Royal Selangor Polo Club.  Saladin represented Malaysia at the South East Asian Game in Thailand in 2007 and World Cup Zone D Playoffs in 2011.  While Saladin plays most of his polo in Malaysia, he has also recently played professionally in China, Korea, Philippines and Thailand.   A talented sportsman, Saladin is also one of Asia’s best rally drivers. He also enjoys fishing and hunting.  3 goals.


Shaik Reismann

Team Captain.  Shaik started playing at the age of 13 in Millfield School, England. Since then he has represented Malaysia in many international tournaments playing in Malaysia, Thailand, England, Australia, New Zealand, India and the Phillipines. A SEA Games gold medalist, Shaik is an accomplished horseman who has qualified as a racehorse trainer and horse dentist. Shaik also enjoys fly fishing and photography.  This is his third World Cup Playoffs, having played in India in 2000 and Malaysia in 2011.  He was a gold medal winner at the 2007 South East Asian Game in Thailand.  Shaik is the Polo Captain of the Royal Selangor Polo Club and a player manager with La Familia. 3 goals.



Team Coach

Federico Bachmann

Federico is a professional player from Argentina who has played top polo around the world.  This is his first appointment as a team coach.


Team Manager

Dato’ Mohamad Zekri Ibrahim

Dato’ Zekri is Treasurer of the Royal Malaysian Polo Association and a committee member of the Royal Selangor Polo Club and Putra Polo Club.  He is a one-goal player that has played in the RMPA International League (14 goal) since 2009.


The Malaysian squad (Long Listed):

1. Shaik Reismann, 3 goals
2. Saladin Mazlan  3
3. HH Prince Ahmad Shazril  3
4. Amran Selamat  2 (3)
5. Muhammad Edham Shaharuddin  3
6. HH Prince Amir Nasser  1
7. HRH Prince Hassanal Shah  1
8. Toh Muda Rizal Ramli  1
9. Dato' Mohamad Zekri Ibrahim  1

Team Coach:  Federico Bachmann

Team Manager: Dato' Mohamad Zekri Ibrahim  1