NZ Team Profiles

21 January 2017
The Kiwis are coming:
NZ Team Profiles

The Kiwis are coming:

Richard Hunt – Manager

Well known in the polo world for his straight talking and being a manager not to mince his words.

Bound to keep the team on point in the campaign.


Cody Forsyth – 4 goals 57 years old

A player of distinction known worldwide.

A high goal player in his younger days but still a player deserving respect.

He will captain this young team with great skill and management.


Henry Wood – 2 goals 22 years old

An up and coming young player from the polo playing Roddy Wood stable.

The youngest of three brothers.

Henry has good skills along with charm and good looks!


Glenn Sheriff – 5 goals – 29 years old

A big strong player.

Glenn will add some real power to this team.

A player originating from the East coast of the North island.

Glenn knows how to make a difference.

Watch him !


Henry Jones – 3 goals – 25 years old

Another Henry in the New Zealand team.

This Henry hails from the well known Jones stable in Auckland – father Nick and uncle Chris.

Henry has spent time in Argentina honing his polo skills.

A young player with potential and one to watch.